Catering to your health to go for your life!

Pearl's on 88


Pearl's on 88 came about from us dreaming of sharing the warm and comfort feeling I got as a child when I heard our big black dinner bell ring. You could taste the love that my mom put in each meal she prepared for us. Thank goodness my dad had a sweet tooth, because the desserts were dreamy deliciousness. As I got older, I knew other people appreciated my mom's goodness. All too often, friends would come visit when they knew what time dinner and supper were being served. I told myself, someday I would love to be like my mom and give family and friends that warm comfort feeling of good homemade food.

Ed's passion for health and nutrition came into the dream when we married over 33 years ago. Ed always has health in mind when it comes to food. We became vegan and raised our two beautiful daughters vegan. Andrea and Elizabeth grew up with meals made from the garden and orchard with lots of love and goodness mixed together.

We retired and moved back to Northern California after 18 years in Missouri to pursue our dream of opening a Gourmet Cafe. Moving into the community, not knowing if we would be accepted was down right scary. It did not take us long to figure out this upcountry community was where we were meant to be. The community and the life long friends we have made here is more than we could have ever hoped for. Here at Pearl's on 88, we would like our customers to feel that warm country goodness that I felt when I heard that dinner bell ring throughout the entire neighborhood. Our motto is "Catering to your health to go for your life!" With health and nutrition in mind, Pearl's menu has lots of goodness and nutrition to offer you. Pearl's on 88 is where you can sit down and feel like you are at grandma's county farm kitchen.

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